Top 50 Most Anticipated PlayStation 4 Exclusives of 2016


A specially curated list of the Top 50 Most Anticipated PlayStation 4 Exclusives of 2016 

Last year was a blazing success story for PlayStation 4. Its pronounced sales lead became so unassailable, that its nearest business rival broke years of industry tradition and withdrew from releasing their own sales figures! It’s because of it’s massive sales lead that PS4 has managed to secure so many exclusives. And it’s in 2016 that PlayStation 4 will stamp its mark on the console generation, with an avalanche of at least FIFTY standout games that will take advantage of the hardware and define its legacy.

This specially curated list has been carefully selected to reflect the awesome diversity of titles that are coming in 2016. What’s so great is this amazing breadth of genres and gold star quality of games is ONLY available on PlayStation 4.

In the video each game has a narrated introduction and a trailer clip. The list includes some triple-A titles as well as some indie surprises. Some are PS4 ‘console exclusive’ and some are ‘PlayStation family’ exclusive.