PS4 PDP Universal Media Remote – Unboxing, Setup & Review


This is an UNBOXING, SETUP and REVIEW of the PDP Universal Media Remote which is the first officially licensed universal media remote control for the Sony PlayStation 4.

Two years since the launch of the PlayStation 4 and it finally gets a remote control solution – via a third-party. Up until now there has not been an official remote to control video on your PS4 which has meant using the DualShock 4 which is a cumbersome and imprecise way to navigate video. Especially as you have to use two hands. The PDP Remote for PS4 lets you have much better video scrubbing control whilst holding the remote in one hand.

The PDP Remote for PS4 has these key features:

* Complete Control of the PS4 via Bluetooth
* Turn the PS4 on and off
* Control up to 4 devices, PS4, TV, Amplifier and cable/satellite box
* Can be used with some media apps
* Volume Punch for changing the volume of your TV whilst controlling your PS4

What must be stressed is that the Universal functions do not work with all third-party hardware. In the video I explain how successful it was with my Samsung hardware…

At launch, the remote works with some of the major PS4 media apps including Netflix. These are the list of compatible apps at the time of launch:

Media Player
Blu-ray Disc Player
DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket
PlayStation Vue
PlayStation Video

However as yet not all apps are supported. This includes YouTube and BBC iPlayer. I was also able to navigate the menus in Amazon video, however I don’t have a subscription to their service so I cannot say that it works with video.

The PDP Universal remote has the ability to control your other hardware devices. If it is unable to do this automatically (see the video) then you can enter the manufacturers’ code manually. Here are the links:

TV manufacturers’ codes: here
Amp manufacturers’ codes: here
Cable & Satellite manufacturer’s codes: here

The remote retails for $29.99 in the USA and CDN$39.99 in Canada. PDP are going to release it in the UK and key European territories including France, Germany and Spain, possibly before Christmas. You can find out more from the PDP website.

If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to leave me a note in the comments section of the YouTube video.

Thanks! 🙂