EDGE #278 March 2015 Fable Legends feature

EDGE magazine 277 600 G

The new EDGE magazine will be released later this week and the March issue is an unofficial RPG special with Fable Legends as its cover star. I bring you a full preview so you know exactly what to read first when you buy it. Features include a hands-on playtest of The Witcher III, a review of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, a look at what some of the ex-Banjo Kazooie team are working on and an examination of the rebirth of the text adventure.

Cover Feature
Fable Legends. Can Lionhead Recapture Albion’s Magic on Xbox One?

HYPE  (previews)
The Witcher III
The Long Dark
Project Cars
The Hunter: Primal
Galak-Z: The Dimensional
Drift Stage
Mario vs Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
Project Treasure
Sid Meier’s Starships
Xenoblade Chronicles X

Elite Dangerous – 8
Life is Strange: Episode One – 7
Dying Light – 6
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – 8
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – 4
Kalimba – 7
Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax – 6


EDGE #277 release details

The new issue of EDGE should be reaching subscribers tomorrow, and available on Apple Newsstand, Zinio and the Google Play Store and newsagents later this week.