Top 30 Amazing PS4 Exclusives of 2015 – HAS GAMES!


2015 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year for PlayStation 4 gamers. An avalanche of at least THIRTY exclusive titles will be released that take advantage of the PS4 hardware including big budget triple-A games as well as some indie surprises. Presented to you is a list of the most exciting most anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusives to be released in 2015. In the video each game has a narrated introduction and a trailer clip.

Let haters joke that PS4 ‘has no games,’ the reality is that there is an amazing breadth of genres and gold star quality games and this is before you even take account of the additional big-budget multi-format titles. 2015 on PS4 is a very exciting place to play.

Some are PS4 ‘console exclusive’ meaning they will also be released on PC, and some are ‘PlayStation family’ exclusive meaning they will also be released on PS Vita or PS3.

I originally made a video with 15 exclusives and as soon as I uploaded it was notified there are a ton of great games I missed out! So this is a remixed and extended list. What’s even more crazy is that once I finished it I learnt of even MORE games! But a man has got a stop sometime.

Some you may agree with, some you may not – that’s okay! But please let me know if there’s any more PS4 exclusive games in 2015 that you think should have made my list!


The Order: 1886 – Ready At Dawn & Santa Monica Studio

The Order 640

The Order: 1886 is set in an alternate reality of Victorian, London. The Guns & Gaslight setting is so rich with a cross-pollination of ideas with epic legends from British history. Steam-powered electro shotguns, Half-Blood Were-creatures, Sir Galahad and The Knights of the Round Table as a super police squad, and er… class revolution.

The latest build shows a graphics upgrade that is looking all kinds of wonderful. Play-testers at the PlayStation Experience report the shooting has a quality, weighty feel. It boasts an evocative musical score from Jason Graves renown for his Dead Space and the recent Tomb Raider soundtracks, and Austin Wintory known for the music on indie hits flOw and Journey. The Order: 1886 is the perfect game to kick start your new year on PlayStation 4.



WiLD – Wild Sheep

WiLD - Wild Sheep - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015

The father of Rayman has created WiLD a hugely ambitious survival adventure game set 10,000 years ago in a land of humans, animals and mystical beings.You can play as any creature and you play the game any way you want. WiLD looks set to be a refreshingly different and wonderous game.



Alienation – Housemarque

Alienation - Housemarque - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Resogun is one of the highest reviewed PS4 games, now Housemarque are back with a new twin-sticks shooter that promises even more frantic action. You plan alone or co-op with friends to defend the world against a vicious alien horde.



Rime – Tequila Works

Rime - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Spanish developer Tequila Works took their latest game to Sony after Microsoft turned it down for not having a multiplayer component. XBO’s loss is PS4’s gain.  Rime is open-world adventure puzzle game and features a beautiful cell-shaded art style and a protagonist who channels the innocence and wonder of the horned boy in PS2 classic Ico. The Mediterranean-like blue seas and sunshine beckon you to uncover its secrets. This promises to be a magical experience.



Bloodborne – From Software

Bloodborne - From Software - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Demon Souls and Darks Souls are both merciless action role-playing games that can drive you insane with their difficulty – but the payoff when you succeed is worth it.

Now director Hidetaka Miyazaki is back with Bloodborne, a Sony funded exclusive that takes this sub-genre into a Victorian inspired gothic setting and ramps up the action making it faster and deadlier.



Dragon Quest Heroes – Omega Force

Dragon Quest Heroes Omega Force - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Dragon Quest Heroes marks the long-awaited return of the historic franchise to PlayStation. However it’s not a standard sequel to the JRPG games, it’s a spin-off. A more action-orientated Musou game in the vein of Dynasty Warriors but thankfully with RPG gameplay. The success of the title could even open the door to the return of the numbered games.



Grim Fandango Remastered – Double Fine Productions

Grim Fandango -Double Fine Productions - - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Grim Fandango Remastered is a full visual upgrade of the Tim Schafer classic nineties graphic adventure. You play as calaca-headed Manny Calavera, an afterlife travel agent stuck in a Mexican-noir inspired Land of the Dead. The Remastered Edition features new textures, new lighting and a new control scheme.



Hellblade – Ninja Theory

Hellblade Ninja Theory - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

The team at Ninja Theory are busy developing this Celtic-tinged sword combat game focusing on Senua as she journeys through the underworld. The game is being developed on PS4 to take advantage of it’s hardware and will have it’s console launch exclusively on PS4. Hellblade looks set to be devilishly fun.



Amplitude – Harmonix

Amplitude Harmonix - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

The masters of the music game are back! Amplitude is a rhythm action game from Harmonix based on their PS2 classic reborn for the PS4 generation. Blast music gems to free the music and play the music.



The Witness – Thekla, Inc

The Witness - Thekla Inc - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

The Witness is a 3D puzzle game that harkens back to Bungie classic, Myst. Set on mysterious island it features eleven major regions with a series of brainteasers for you to solve.



Primal Carnage Extinction – Circle Five Studios, Pub Games

Primal Carnage Extinction - Circle Five Studios - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

What with the movie release of Jurassic World, 2015 is set to put dinosaurs back in the limelight. Primal Carnage Extinction is a grizzly multiplayer shooter set on a mysterious island overrun by prehistoric monsters. You can play as a mercenary or a vicious dinosaur.



OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood -Roll 7

OlliOlli 2 Welcome to Olliwood - Roll 7- 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

The PS Vita received a surprise hit in early 2014 with OlliOlli – a skateboarding tricks game. OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood eschews the 8 bit graphics in favour of a more distinctive stylized look. The combo moves system will be deeper with grind-switching. There are new moves; jumps, ramps and epic hills. And the level editor will get even more powerful.



Ratchet & Clank – Insomniac Games

Ratchet & Clank - Insomniac Games - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Insomniac have built a successful franchise of Ratchet & Clank platform games for Sony. Now the team are reimagining the first game and making a brand new PS4 version set to release in unison with the CGI movie.



Abzu – Giant Squid

Abzu - Giant Squid - - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Matt Nava, the art director of BAFTA award winning game Journey has set up his own studio. Its first project is ABZÛ which takes players on an epic adventure underneath the depths of the ocean. Officially this game is set for an early 2016 release, however there are hopes that if development keeps proceeding at its current pace it could be out before Christmas.



Until Dawn – Supermassive Games

Until Dawn - Supermassive Games - - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Until Dawn looks set to be the summer slasher movie of video games. Developers Supermassive have created it using the tasty Killzone Shadow Fall engine. The frantic gameplay features a series of quicktime events as you struggle to survive the night in a log cabin against a rampaging serial killer.



MLB 15: The Show – SCE San Diego Studios

MLB 15 The Show - SCE San Diego Studios - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

San Diego Studios brings the excitement of baseball night direct into your home in one of the most critically acclaimed sports franchises ever.



The Tomorrow Children – Q-Games, SCE Japan Studio

Tomorrow Children - Q Games SCE Japan Studio - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

The team behind the Pixel Junk games have been working on something pretty different and unique. The Tomorrow Children is a Soviet-themed sandbox title with community themes. You dig, you collect resources, you can develop your town. Your comrades will thank you for it.



Deep Down – Capcom

Deep Down Capcom - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Set in New York of 2094, Deep Down is an action RPG that has procedurally generated areas to explore with cooperative play for two or four players. With more than a nod to the successful Demon Souls / Dark Souls formula – the gritty combat and ferocious dragons should get your heart pumping.



Volume – Mike Bithell

Volume - Mike Blithel - Deep Down Capcom - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Mike Bithell, the creator of Thomas Was Alone is back with a new stealth game that retells the story of Robin of Locksley in an exciting Tron-like 3D environment. It features a unique voice cast including Andy Serkis, Danny Wallace and industry critic Jim Sterling.



The Forest – Endnight Games

The Forest - Endnight Games- 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

The Forest is an indie open world survival horror game. You are a plane crash survior on a island filled with insane cannibals. Unlike other games of the genre the openness means you are free to play how you want, craft, run, hide or kill. It first appeared on Steam Early Access but will be a console exclusive on PlayStation 4. Be prepared for a game that is both intense and frightening.



Everyone’s Gone To Rapture – The Chinese Room & SCE Santa Monica Studio

Everyones Gone to Rapture The Chinese Room SCE Santa Monica Studios - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Everyone’s Gone to Rapture is an open world adventure with a strong narrative focus. It has six main playable characters. It uses Crytek’s CryEngine. However so much of the game remains a mystery including an intriguing new gameplay mechanic.



Let it Die – Grasshopper Manufacture

Let it Die - Grasshopper Manufacture - - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Set in the near-future, Let it Die is a hack & slash ‘super extreme action game’ that takes the data gathered from other real world players and injects it into the behaviours of your adversaries. This free to play title features female protagonist Tae Ioroi [Tae Ioroi] in a game world that is influenced by both Japanese and Western cultures.



Disagae 5: Alliance of Vengeance   – Nippon Ichi Software

Disgaea5 Nippon Ichi Software - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is a tactical RPG based on the theme of revenge. You must lead Killia, a young demon travel across the Netherworlds to recruit Overloads to join you in a battle to defeat the Void Dark. A Western release has been confirmed for Autumn 2015.



Shadow of the Beast – Heavy Spectrum

Shadow of the Beast - Heavy Spectrum - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Teased at Gamescom 2013, Shadow of the Beast is a modern remake of the 16-bit Amiga mega-classic side-scrolling action adventure. Set in Karamoon a land of beauty and brutality. Developers Heavy Spectrum want to recreate the sense of wonder that comes from exploring a world of mysteries.



Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number – Dennaton Games

Hotline Miami 2 - Dennaton Games -- 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Hotline Miami was a brutal homage to the 80s era with a top-down 2D game set on a backdrop of vigilante battling organized crime. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number follows the violent aftermath and is the conclusion of the saga.



Tearaway Unfolded – Media Molecule

Tearaway Unfolded - Media Molecule - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Tearaway Unfolded is a ‘retelling’ of the imaginative Vita platformer featuring Atoi on a fourth wall-smashing mission to deliver an important message to the player – YOU! ‘Retelling’ meaning new levels and ingenious interaction by the player to Atoi using the Dualshock 4 by shining the lightbar to illuminate levels and to pick up and throw objects between the two of you! This will be cute and clever!



Persona 5- Atlus

Persona 5 - Atlus - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Persona 4 Golden is a legend in JRPGs. Part school pupil sim, part super natural murder mystery that opens up into a heroic quest that is literally magical! Persona 5 is exclusive to PS3 and PS4, with the latter featuring enhanced visuals. Again featuring a school setting it’s underlying theme is that of freedom, and how the characters attain it.



Ultra Street Fighter IV – Capcom

Ultra Street Fighter IV - Capcom - Uncharted 4 - Naughty Dog - 30 PS4 Exclusives PS4 2015 list by Venom

Street Fighter is a legend in beat-em-ups with a history that extends from arcades to the home, from past console generation to the future with the development of Street Fighter V.  But right now the latest version of this epic competitive series is Ultra Street Fighter IV and the new generation version will debut exclusively on PS4 in 2015 complete with all costume DLC. So start practicing your Spinning Bird kicks now!



Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – Naughty Dog

Uncharted 4 - Naughty Dog - 30 PS4 Exclusives PS4 2015 list by Venom 

It’s been a long wait but Nathan Drake, the boss of third-person action adventurers, is coming home! The latest gameplay video shows a beautifully detailed, realistically animated Drake, fiercer combat, and a large open environment with multiple paths. Oh – and the shocking reveal of a never-mentioned family member. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is it! This will be the game that will push the PS4 the most graphically in 2015.



No Man’s Sky – Hello Games

No Mans Sky - Hello Games - - 30 PS4 Exclusives 2015 list by Venom

Who would have that the boy Sean Murray and his dreams of adventures amongst the stars could mature into the most ambitious indie game ever, and spark a frenzy across the entire computer and video game industry! No Man’s Sky is a space adventure exploration and combat game that look like it can recapture that wonder of when you first played games; that you can enter the game world and do anything and go anywhere! This is the one to watch, No Man’s Sky will go Stratospheric!


30 amazing PlayStation 4 exclusives in 2015

Whatever your favourite genre, whatever your style of play, PlayStation 4 has an amazing assortment of games in 2015.

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