Ted Price explains how Sunset Overdrive got its name – EGX show talk


Ted Price the CEO of Insomniac Games gave a talk at the Eurogamer EGX show London in September 2014 to promote the launch of Sunset Overdrive. An Xbox One console exclusive game made by his studio. He answers questions by show attendees and explains how the name is derived from Sunset City and the Overdrive mechanic.

Forgive the shaky-cam pictures. There was lots of jostling from¬†show attendees who were beginning to shake after drinking the free Overdrive drink that was handed out…

The transcribed talk:

Why is the game named Sunset Overdrive?
Ted Price: [In Sunset City there is a company called] Overcharge. They have this giant party where they release this drink before it’s gone before FDA (Food & Drug Administration) testing. So it has some unintended side-effects so anybody who drinks it ends up changing into one of these urban mutants. You however are at this giant release party cleaning up trash whilst everyone else around you is drinking Overcharge. Within an hour or two everyone is changing into these mutants and you’re running for your life and soon you realise this is not a bad thing. You actually get to live like the way you want. You don’t have a dead-end job, you can wear whatever you want, play your music as loud as you like. This is your Awesomepocalpyse! That’s a long-winded way to talk about Sunset City! Overdrive is one of the mechanics of the game. Later in the game you earn what are called Overdrives which give you additional buffs for your character.


How can you customise your character?
Ted Price: Most games lock you into being the same character from the very beginning. At anytime you wanna change go for it! Change your ethnicity, change your body style. Be big, be small.


Are all the weapons bullet based?
Ted Price: Absolutely not. This is not your typical shooter. There are plenty of games that have fifty different flavours of machine guns and we definitely wanted to buck that trend. So Mike is using, for example, the Dragon Pistol. The Dragon Pistol fires fireworks. They latch onto enemies they flame for a while and light your enemies on fire. We have an incredibly diverse set of weapons, only one or two of which use bullets the rest are pretty out there. But again, most important, because this is an open world shooter the weapons are really diverse and they also work really well with the high-agility traversal.


Direct video link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzFtlvxvWPs
Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One is out now in the USA