Connect Sony Xperia Z3 to HDTV – Step by Step Guide


The Sony Xperia Z range of mobile phones and tablets are powerful and can run demanding games. But sometimes you want to play them on a big screen, so I’ve put together a video that will show you how!Before you begin being make sure you gather all the correct equipment that you will need.

* This includes your Xperia Z phone or tablet.

* A power supply which is the plug and microUSB to USB cable.

* A HDMI cable.

* An MHL adapter. One side has a microUSB plug, the other a HDMI Port. This doesn’t come in the box and you will have to buy this separately. I paid just under £5 quid for mine from eBay, although you can get it for roughly $7 dollars in the USA and €7 in Europe.


Now watch the video, I’ve tried to make it as straight forward as possible and it really is cool seeing your phone screen on your TV and when you play games they really do come to life. Good Luck!